Am I wasting my life waiting for you?

Well,i haven’t written in awhile.But Ive written a thousand times in my mind. After my hubby came back from his trip we tried to pick up life again. But then it was nonstop work without a weekend. A couple of days off(one of which was spent with his family). And that was two weeks ago! He got called away again for a few days and i had to resell dodgers tickets i had gotten for our weekend. I know that all of this is beyond hard on him.I see the wear and tear. But what about the person that’s always having the plans cancelled on them? The one who doesn’t feel secure in this? As a housewife you’re a wife. Holding down the fort making life comfortable.But i mean,what exactly am i doing if im not really doing the wife part? Am i just here to shop, manage the house,binge watch a show. Its hard feeling like you are just a shadow.Not a real person in society. So,I decided something has to change.I need to stop waiting for it all to start. I’m getting back in this crazy world.No more hiding behind my apron strings. Back to finish my degree i go! Lord have mercy.

Xo- zombie housewife

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