Here I go again on my own

So, he’s gone again. A literal last minute trip. I know its just a week and we’ve gone a month apart,but it never gets easier. Leading up to his departure i go into supportive wife mode. I go to the store and pick up his travel supplies.sneak his favorite candy in his bag. order a treat to be delivered to his hotel when he arrives.and tell him its all going to be ok. But the second i drive away from the airport my stomach sinks.I know its going to be lonely when i get home. That i will miss my best friend. and sleep will not be something I’m getting this week. But we stay strong and text,and skype and all that jazz. But you start to wonder if this “normal” you’ve been living for 3 years will ever feel normal.will the travel ever stop? will i wake up one day and not care? will he finally get a job where he doesn’t have to leave? well as for now this is the way it is. It has its perks. For a week i can not make the bed. Fall asleep on the couch watching power rangers at 3am(it was a long night). Eat whatever i want without feeling like i have to make a full meal. I.e. cheerios for dinner,leftover pasta for breakfast. But at some point during the day i get a sinking feeling and remember we are states apart.I hate that at any second he could get called away.I’m hesitant to make plans because i don’t know if he will be needed somewhere else.Its hard always being left behind.Last year i had to have a biopsy on my lymph node and he got called away to Chicago.needless to say that was a very pissed off and scary week of my life.Holding down the fort isn’t easy. I hate being away from my boo,and i know he hates it too. But for now i shall adjust to this life. Just gotta push through this week.

xo-the zombie housewife

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