Time to come down

I had promised myself Id try to write a few times a week.But life happens and my minds been so rattled with anxiety all i could really think of was surviving until the weekend. Ive had anxiety for literally as long as i can remember. From being the strange “misery chick” child. The self harm, severe black eyeliner teen. To the somehow functioning adult. In this day and age having a disorder like this is still greeted with a lot of stigma. I have to say its my life’s biggest embarrassment ( and i don’t shame easily) . Its hard to accept that there are things you just cant do. Its hard to take a step back from life and realize you need to take care of yourself,and that its not a selfish thing. This last week and a half has been especially tough.I’m talking next level anxiety attacks.So bad that after they level up I feel like Ive been dragged for a few blocks by a bus. It seems to come in waves like that. sometimes i wish i could just pull a peter from office space.Just go and get hypnotized enough to not care anymore. But today is a new day and I’m feeling a lot better. The anxiety never really goes away but Ive somehow found a way to calm myself out of it quicker.So heres to picking myself up and going forth this week. Shout out to my hubby for keeping me nice and distracted.

XO- zombie housewife

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